QR of current search

This feature shows a QR code with an encoded link to the current search term. Settings:  Title – The text that will be displayed at the top of the QR code.  Size – the size of the QR code square in px. Only numeric value.  

Custom text

This is the ability to insert custom text, HTML and shortcodes inside the filter. This item only has one field in settings: Text field  By default, each filter has 5 such elements. But the plugin has a setting to change this value: how it works you can see here – https://cars.avalon23.dev/tyres/

Filter by meta data

This is a filter for custom fields.  How to add a filter by metadata read here. You can  check  demo  here The type of filter depends on how the data is stored. If stored as a number, the filter will be like a slider Options: Min – The minimum value in the slider. Leave this […]

Filter by taxonomies

Taxonomies are: Product category, Tags, Attributes, custom  taxonomies.  Each taxonomy can have several types of filters “Front view“:  select, checkbox/radio, labels, slider, Hierarchy dropdown, image, color. All these types of filters have their own settings.  Read more about the types of filter by taxonomy here. Attention filter does not work with text attributes to change the sorting […]

Standard filters

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