Avalon23 - Modern And High Software Solution

It is a known fact that the filter is one of the most important tool for an online store. The success of your business depends of how you set up your e-shop products filtering. If the customers can quickly find what they are need on your site - it by fact will increase the conversion of the e-shop. Avalon23 - is rich and flexible e-shop goods filtering tool, which can be customized for the most Internet sales topics.

  • Filter by products categories and attributes
  • Filter by price
  • Filter by SKU
  • Filter by product title
  • AJAX mode
  • Nice and reach HTML elements in the filter form
  • Filter constructor on the plugin backend
  • Ability to make forms design customizations through CSS skins
  • WPML compatible
  • FREE and Premium versions

The plugin features

Avalon 23 has bunch of features which help to make WooCommerce e-shop more rich in functionality for your shop customers and correspondingly more loyal to the shop products assortment.

The plugin has options to optimize CSS and JS files. Also caching which reduces the number of queries to the database


The plugin will show relevant filters depending on the current search query or category page

Dynamic calculation

The plugin has over 10 different color schemes that can be customized for each filter


Flexible configuration of comparison logic: IN, AND, NOT IN

Searc logic

allows to display filter that adapts to the current request by default.


Filters by meta fields have many types and settings

Meta filter

The ability to customize the width, state, visibility of each filter depending on the screen width of the current device


Plugin does filtering without page reload. This feature depends on the current theme

Ajax mode

The plugin has many types of filters: slider, datepicker, checkbox, select, color, image, labels


What Avalon23 can give to your e-commerce shop?

Give to the customers ability to find they want and get more profit for the business


Easy Integration

Avalon23 provides 2 ways of integration: shortcode and widget.

After the plugin installation go to its settings page and create your first filter in one click! Copy shortcode [avalon23 id=1] and paste it in usual text widget or any place of your shop. The filter is integrated!

  • Easy integration
  • Quick setup
  • Persuasively in functionality
  • Seriously in business
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Rich Settings

Avalon23 has rich and power system of each filter settings.

After creating new filter in one click enter in its settings and in convenient and understandable way set filter items set you want to see in it.

After creating new filter in one click enter in its settings and in convenient and understandable way set filter items set you want to see in it. Add new filter items, set their titles, width, add meta fields, custom CSS, set options like form autosubmit and dynamic recount. And much and much more ...

  • Simple in use
  • Rich in options
  • Powerful in action
  • Diverse in functionality
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Place Avalon23 product filter on any convenient for your customers place of your shop according to the current WordPress theme possibilities.

Using filter mode you can set products filtering in AJAX mode what is quick and convenient for the shop customers and also has more higher performance!

  • Any place
  • Convenience in placing
  • AJAX filtering
  • Performance in action
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Answers & Questions

You can get this answer absolutely without any risk by installing free version of the plugin

Each customer has 30-day money-back guarantee

We are monitoring the changes in the WooCommerce engine. If you find an error, please report it to the support and we will fix it.

Avalon23 Quick Overview

The screenshots below displays how looks admin and front parts of the plugin

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