This is a shortcode that can show/hide content depending on the current search query.


show_if -  the conditions under which the shortcode will react.  an  example: show_if='product_cat+pa_color:red,black'  - shortcode will show/hide content if user makes any search by category OR chooses black or red color.  To make the shortcode respond to any filter request:  [avalon23_content show_if='filter_id'] Your  text [/avalon23_content]

behavior -  What the filter should do with content. this attribute has two values: 'standard' - show  content,  'opposite' - hide content

mobile_behavior -  Show or hide content depending on the device.  this attribute has three values: 'show_all' - show for all devices,  'hide' - hide content only for mobile device , 'show' - show content only for mobile device

content - This is your custom text that is located between the shortcodes. [avalon23_content mobile_behavior='hide' show_if='filter_id'] Your custom content!!! [/avalon23_content]

An  example here - https://cars.avalon23.dev/