These are the main settings for the current filter.

Filter mode:

  •  Redirect - the page will be reloaded after every filtering. This is the most reliable filtering method.
  • Ajax - Filtering without page reloading, only part of the page (products) is redrawn. Always test this mode. Not all themes are compatible with ajax mode. If some part of the products is not redrawn use these settings (Product container/Pagination container/Count container/No products found container For developers: If after redrawing the page you need to initialize javascript- Do after Ajax


Autosubmit mode:

  • NO - filtering is performed only after pressing the button.
  • Yes -  Filtration occurs immediately after selecting any element on the filter form.
  • Only form -  filtering is performed only after pressing the button but the filter form is redrawn after selecting any element on the filter form. This is useful for dynamic recalculation and  Hierarchy dropdown

Show count:

Display the number of products for the current filter element


Dynamic recount:

Recalculates the number of products for a filter element based on the current search


Hide empty terms:

Hide filter element if counter (number of products) is zero. If all elements of a filter section have a counter equal to zero, the entire section along with the title will be hidden


Filter/Reset button position:

Position of buttons "filter/reset" in relation to the filter filter


Show filter Navigation:

Position of filter navigation  top/bottom/hide


Filter custom text:

Custom text for filter button


Reset custom text:

Custom text for reset button


Toggle filter:

Allows you to hide or show the filter form when you click on the icon.  It is possible to hide / show the filter form by defoult or collapse the filter form for mobile devices


Filter container custom HTML ID:

attach to filter constant html id which you can use for targeted CSS customizations. Remember that ID should be unique! If you not understand it - leave this field empty.


Filter search slug:

 This field activates the creation of a URL with a search query. For example, if you insert text "search" search by color will look :  https://your_site.com/shop/search/color-blue-and-gray/

Save filter: 

This function allows the user to save the search query. And when switching to another page or if the user visits the page the next day, the filter selection will remain. Demo("Filter with memory") - https://cars.avalon23.dev/