This tab will allow you to do SEO optimization of your search result pages. SEO Settings Do not index pages with search query: This is the main setting, adds a command to robots not to index pages with search results. It is very useful if you insert links with a search query in your content. […]


  This tab appears only if to set value in tab Settings -> Languages. On the screen above value is: en_US,es_ES. In the tab “Vocabulary” it is possible to translate words which you applied in filters(titles) and also taxonomies terms. To add a word into Vocabulary use button “Create” and write there exact word or sentence you […]


  Show button in admin bar: Enable/Disable Avalon23 button on the top admin bar. Button will appear/disappear after the page reloading! Filter prefix: prefix that is added to the data of GET requests in the URL Product container: (only needed for ajax filtering) This is the HTML selector for the container that contains the products […]


To create new Filter press button “Create table” Textinput on the top allows to find the filter quickly by its title.   Thumb: is for custom image to quickly find the  filter by eyes Title: filter title, set by mouse click on the cell Shortcode: filter  shortcode for copy/paste operation Published: on any time you […]