The user can add an element selector to be redrawn in ajax mode An example: add_filter(‘avalon23_ajax_redraw_selector’, function($selectors){ $selectors[] = ‘.page-title’; return $selectors; });


this hook allows you to redefine the URI of the current page. This is useful when there is no variable configured in the server – $_SERVER[‘REQUEST_URI’] An Example: add_filter(‘avalon23_override_request_uri’, function($uri){ $uri = ‘/shop/’; return $uri; });


This hook transfers all meta fields. Convenient to use for adding custom meta fields: Result:


This hook allows you to add custom meta elements to filter by custom fields. An example: To add the elements(options) to meta field(custom field) “test” of filter with ID=1


Passing options for choosing the filter width. Values Array  of  options(array) filter  ID(int)  field  key (string)