Meta data

In this tabs you can add meta fields, and then select them in tab "Columns"

  • Title: system title
  • Meta key: exact key of meta field. You  can  add/edit custom meta  data on the product edit page
  • Type: type of meta data - text(filter text input), number(filter as slider), calendar(filter as datepicker)
  • Meta items:  Insert meta values (comma separated) by which you want to filter. An example test1,test2. Use the ^ character to add a title. An example: test1^Test 1,test2^Test 2
  • Actions: delete button

How to add meta fields to products:

For example, you want to add metadata for a product with a key "my_meta_key":

And you can add this key to the meta field tab in the filter settings

If a third-party plugin adds a meta field to the product. To find out the key of this meta, you should contact the support of a third-party plugin.