How to increase the filter image

You  can  add  CSS Result: you can add  this CSS in filter settings->Custom CSS   OR  Appearance->Customize->Custom CSS If you need to change the proportions of the image  please read it  

How can I optimize the filter?

Dynamic recalculation takes the most resources, especially if you have a lot of taxonomies.  the reason is that to get each counter, the filter makes a search query to the database and as a result, even for small filters, the number of requests can reach thousands.  But you can optimize it: You can turn off […]

How to add filter navigation in page

You can insert a filter navigation almost anywhere on the page. There is a special field for this. In this field you need to insert a container selector to find the selector you can use the browser console F12 For example add filter navigation after the title: Check  in  the browser  console a  selector  and  […]

How to create custom skins

Avalon23 allows to create skins and apply them on any filters. Default skins are in: skins/skin-1.css, skins/skin-2.css, …, skins/skin12.css To add your own skin into the system create folder ‘avalon23-skins‘ in the folder of the current wordpress theme, create file there, for example ‘my-custom1‘ and write there CSS code using the code below as an […]