These are the main settings for the current filter. Filter mode:  Redirect – the page will be reloaded after every filtering. This is the most reliable filtering method. Ajax – Filtering without page reloading, only part of the page (products) is redrawn. Always test this mode. Not all themes are compatible with ajax mode. If […]

Custom CSS

In this tab admin can set any CSS rules related only to the current  filter. To save CSS code use button on the left or press CTRL+S. You can use custom CSS for small changes, but for quite big the table restyling its recommended to use filter skins.


Predefinition allows to display filter that adapts to the current request by default. For example if you want to show in the filter only  for “on sale” products.  OR only  for “Summer” products Examples:  On sale    AND   Summer Predefinition allows to generate relevant filter for shop articles about special defined products. How to fill […]

Meta data

In this tabs you can add meta fields, and then select them in tab “Columns” Title: system title Meta key: exact key of meta field. You  can  add/edit custom meta  data on the product edit page Type: type of meta data – text(filter text input), number(filter as slider), calendar(filter as datepicker) Meta items:  Insert meta […]

Filter item

This tab is for adding items to the current filter. “Prepend item” adds new filter on the table top, “Append item” adds new filter to the table bottom. After new filter creation use drag-and-drope icon to change its position if necessary. Move: for filter reordering Title: set filter title on the site front. Doesn’t work […]